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Although its cool to have 1 million followers and be paid to advertise brands and products. These are not the qualities that will get you the RESULTS YOU DEMAND. When you hire me as your coach you are going to get the attention to detail and service you need to ensure that your efforts yield you the quality experience you require to get you long lasting results. Get the most effective and personalized programming that is specific to your body and your specific goals based on postural and movement assessments.

Receive on the spot feedback and exercise modifications to guarantee that every rep of every set takes you one step closer to moving, looking and feeling your best. Work through your programming with ease and peace of mind that your safety is my top of mind. Stop falling for the flashy fitness gimmicks and advertising that promise rapid results with minimal effort. Follow an all-encompassing approach that will help you establish healthy habits and consistency with your fitness and nutrition so you can thrive and get the most out of life.


Visit us for Fascia stretching and Fascial stretch therapy woodstock!

At SSPT Woodstock stretching, muscle training and muscle stretching as preventative maintenance is key to a health conscious lifestyle and less body aches and muscle pains. By stretching, we can provide unlimited muscle group oriented fascia and training body group for unlimited muscle improvement. Join us on facebook for stretching exercises and facebook only coupons and training deals for less. Get in with us at our facebook group for health promotion and save time and money on unlimited muscle group training via these same facebook deals.

There are unlimited facebook gurus that teach bad form and we can help you get out of that rut and save unlimited time. Scott is a certified fascial stretch therapist specializing in streching training on muscle group and has proven time and time again that expert stretching is a sign of good health. Our facebook profile and facebook group has lots of stretching tips to spend less time injured and less money on rehab. Get stretching with our unlimited muscle group advice for less. Give us a like on facebook for a sign of your support - we appreciate the time you take! You're here and that's a good sign.

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The brand new fitness studio is complete and ready for action. This facility is loaded with commercial grade equipment for all your functional fitness training requirements. Whether your goals are weight loss, building muscle/strength, performance or just day to day wellness; this is the place for you to achieve your fitness goals. Private studio rentals are available to the public to assist those who are looking to keep active during the pandemic lockdowns.

Work with one of Woodstock’s top rated fitness coaches to ensure your safety and success. Everything from online program design, 1 on 1 private coaching, nutrition/lifestyle coaching and an array of pain management modalities including fascial stretch therapy, cupping and client based mobility training to address aches, pains and imbalances in the body.

Personal Training, Fascial Stretch Therapy,
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

The Fast Track To Wellness

Personal Training

Move, Feel & Look Your Best
From posture and movement assessments to program design and workout delivery, I will guide you step by step through a personalized program that will help you move, look and feel your best. Reduce your common aches and pains by addressing muscle imbalances and mobility concerns. Learn how to perform daily stretching and correctional exercises that will allow you to use your body for the things you love doing.

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Eliminate Aches, Pains & Restrictions
This amazing full body, table based assisted stretching system will help to reset and restore how your body feels and moves by eliminating aches, pains and muscle tension caused by stress, poor posture and improper movement mechanics. Increase recovery time from injuries or strenuous workouts or prevent injuries before they happen. This treatment will increase workout efficiency by allowing for improved flexibility, range of motion and mind muscle connectivity. Truly unlike any other hands on treatment out there – set yourself free with FST!

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Fuel Your Body & Your Mind
Nutrition can be an overwhelming topic to understand. There is no one-size fits all solution here. Allow me to simplify the basics of what makes for a well-rounded plan with your nutrition that will help you improve body composition, boost energy and your ability to perform and recover from your physical activity. As you age, your environment and daily stresses change – so must your nutrition. Regardless your stage of life, I can help you find what works best for YOU!
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About Scott
I focus on pain management, by addressing muscle imbalances and mobility concerns. Throughout my pain management sessions I will perform extensive stretching and correctional exercises that will allow you to use your body for the things you love doing. I specialize in fascial stretch and cupping therapies as well as scraping percussive massage gun, and other hands on manual modalities and an at home mobility programming to reduce pain etc.

Specialized Pain Management

I offer you a simple and effective pain management system that incorporates a recovery plan specific to you and your concerns to help you get back to doing the things you love. The goal of these sessions is to decrease pain, increase function,and provide a maintenance program for the client to prevent reoccurence. Also available for benefit coverage.

Pain Management

3 or 6 month program

Stage 1 (weeks 1-12): Fascial stretch therapy, soft tissue mobilization (cupping, gua sha scrapping, TENS and percussive massage gun)

Stage 2 (weeks 4-16): Guided, self performed mobility programming / homework

Stage 3 (weeks 8-24): Movement integration to help strengthen the smaller stabilizing muscles of the body to help restore function and prevent imbalances that cause pain.


All health and safety measures are in place to provide a clean and welcoming environment. The facility provides parking, washroom access, and flexible scheduling. A user friendly online booking system is in place. Take advantage of morning, evening and weekend availability.

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