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Cold Plunge

Your wellness can be defined in many ways; but appreciating that your wellness encompasses all internal and external stimulus that will act on your physical body and mental health can help set intentions for how you manage yourself to keep healthy and strong in all aspects. Come on in to recharge and renew your body and mind so you can be your best, and feel great too.

Cold Plunge


Cold water immersion is more than just a popular fad that has swept into the fitness space. The studies now show that regular exposure to cold water can have profound effects on the body. The benefits are wide-spread to, but not limited to – improving immune system function, boosting endorphins (feel good molecules) that help strengthen mental health, reductions in systemic inflammation, accelerated recovery from exercise, boosting metabolism to help aid in fat loss and so much more. So, are you ready to take the plunge?


Improve immune system function
Decrease inflammation
Accelerate recovery from exercise
Increase cardiovascular function
Increase respiratory function
Improve mental health
Improve energy production
Improve stress response
Boost metabolic efficiency
Improve body composition
Improve insulin resistance
Increase longevity
Increase response to cold (increased thermogenesis)
Aid in weight loss
Improves appearance of skin (tighten & reduce wrinkles)
All cold plunge sessions also include access to hydration bar; enjoy a hot beverage after and choose from a selectin of tea, coffee or LMNT electrolytes to help you recharge!
Existing Client Access

$10 per plunge
Monthly membership $60

Non-client access

$15 per plunge
Monthly membership $85

Group Access

5+ for 60min – $100