Fascial Stretching: Top 5 Things to Experience Now

Your body’s fascial system is a fibrous web of connective tissue that encases all the muscles, joints, and organs. Many factors restrict how well this network can do its job, including a lack of movement, repetitive motions, and injury. Fascial stretching can improve your flexibility, increase your range of motion, and help you be more mobile. 

It’s more than just stretching exercises, though – there are many great ways to experience fascial stretching. Here are the top five exercises and benefits to experience now!

Relaxation And Comfort - And Maybe Some Soreness The Day After

One side effect of fascial stretching is feeling more relaxed and comfortable. Though the point of fascial stretching isn’t like that of a massage, many people feel healthy and limber after a 60-minute appointment, and it becomes a popular reason for booking more sessions! In fact, the whole session is a pain-free, relaxing experience, and if you feel pain or pressure, be sure to tell your therapist.

However, you can also experience a little soreness, especially if this is your first stretch in a while. Fascial stretching will take you into new patterns of movement and muscle activation; as such, you may feel some slight muscle stiffness soreness for up to three days, similar to after exercising. Don’t be alarmed – you’re on your way to feeling better and improving a wide range of abilities.

Yoga After Fascial Stretching Therapy

After you’ve been getting into fascial stretching, try an exercise like yoga. Not only does this slow exercise have benefits for your fascia, but you’ll be amazed at what you can do! Fascial stretching improves your range of motion, and you might feel able to try and stay in control while putting your body through difficult positions. It’s something that can improve the benefits of your regular yoga class, such as diminished levels of stress and anxiety.

Feel Your Posture Improve

Many people experience the improvement of their posture. It’s not just something that happens – they can feel how the stretching therapy retrains and relaxes muscles that have become used to unhealthy postures. It’s like hitting a reset button, and for those who’ve grown accustomed to hunching over devices, it can feel like a breath of fresh air!

Long-Term Benefits Like Improved Performance

For those who are active, the best thing you’ll experience with fascial stretching is improved performance. Research into fascial stretching shows how it can help athletes gain more advantages for their performance: better endurance, faster running, improved coordination, increased flexibility, and more!

Long-Term Benefits Like Lower Risks Of Ergonomic Injuries

Fascial stretching isn’t limited to those with active lifestyles. As much as we’d like to get up and move around, many of us work in jobs that don’t require much exercise. A lack of movement can cause a range of injuries and inhibitions that prevent you from enjoying a healthy life.

One injury that is common among those with a sedentary lifestyle and an active one is plantar fasciitis. This is the inflammation of a thick band of tissue from your heel to your big toe, and the resulting fascia tightness can cause issues as far up as the hips.

There’s no reason to wait – start your fascial stretching therapy with Scott Shaheen Personal Training today and enjoy these experiences and so much more!

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