3 Quick Routine Changes To Prepare You For Outdoor Exercise Season

Spring is here, and if you’re like us, you’re excited for the opportunity to exercise outdoors again! Before you suit up, though, know that your warm-weather fitness routine should be different from what you’ve used indoors (or when you braved the cold Canadian winter). Here are three changes you can easily make to prepare you and your body for the outdoor exercise season!

Use A Targeted Routine

Balmy spring days make it easier to feel up for exercising, but a new season should bring variations to your routine. One simple change can help you reach your wellness goals faster: using a system targeted to your needs. No two bodies are alike, but even the body that leaves the house in spring could be very different from the one that hibernated for the winter. A targeted range of exercises more specific than your morning jog can prepare you for the outdoors. 

Spring is the perfect time to sign up for a tailored plan or join a class with different variables. This can motivate you and help you feel better as you push past winter into spring. Make sure to listen to your body – if you’re feeling exhausted and sore, don’t push yourself past your limits.

Have A Change Of Outfit To Meet The Weather Conditions

While the weather will be getting warmer, it’s not all sunshine and flowers – you’ll probably want to do outdoor exercises in a wide range of conditions! Even in spring, temperatures can take unexpected dips below freezing. A little prep work can go a long way, and it’s an easy change anyone at any skill level can make.

You should have a range of clothing to make the most out of all the outdoor conditions. Moisture-wicking clothing is essential for outdoor exercise whether the conditions are mild, hot, or humid. Unlike cotton, which traps in heat and moisture, moisture-wicking exercise clothing keeps you cool and dry to prevent overheating.

Depending on the type of exercise routine you choose, your footwear may have to change when transitioning from indoor to outdoor exercising. The shoes you used for indoor workouts or on the treadmill might not be appropriate for road or trail running.

Stretch Your Fascia

Proper stretching is always a wise idea, but there’s a good chance you’ve never stretched your fascial network – Spring 2021 is the time to change that! Fascial stretch therapy (FST) is a variation on the traditional stretching routine, one that targets the complex connective tissues that enclose and hold together all your muscles, joints, organs, blood vessels and nerves.

The table-based assisted stretches of FST are painless and can even be relaxing, but you’ll feel the best benefits once you start your outdoor exercising. It will help condition the body to reduce the risk of injury when you get out of the house!

There are so many other benefits, too. When exercising with a full range of motion this spring, fascial stretch therapy can prepare you by correcting any problems caused by poor flexibility, helping with improper movement mechanics, and improving your awareness of your body after a long winter indoors.

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