The Facility

Welcome to the brand new SSPT fitness studio located in the heart of Woodstock, Ontario. This private fitness studio contains all new commercial grade equipment with new arrivals being stocked regularly. This studio boasts everything you may need for your functional training purposes.

Equipment available includes but is not limited to:
  • squat rack
  • weight plates (500lb+)
  • benches (flat, incline, decline)
  • dumbbells 5-75
  • kettlebells 5-50
  • dual arm cable machine
  • glute ham raise machine
  • assault bike
  • battle ropes
  • plyo boxes
  • slam balls
  • medicine balls
  • stability balls
  • a variety of standard and speciality bars
  • resistance bands and tubes and much more.

Take advantage of free wifi access and speaker availability, mini fridge, water and parking.

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