Current Limitations on Woodstock, Ontario Fitness Training, How You May Be Affected, And How We Can Help

Woodstock, like the rest of Ontario, is fully in lockdown 3.0. How can you stop it from holding you back and getting the fitness and training you need? Scott Shaheen Personal Training is here to help our town stay active and fit in a safe, secure manner.

How Could The Limitations On Fitness Affect You?

Life under limitations created by COVID-19 hasn’t been easy, especially for those who need to stay active. Many people train on a very specific regimen to meet their fitness goals – the past year of restrictions has thrown them into disarray. Several studies have found that the lockdowns created a decrease in physical activity, increasing sedentary behaviours across different generations. 


The stay-at-home orders have exceptions for essential reasons: grocery shopping, picking up prescription medication, accessing health care, going to work that can’t be done remotely, and exercising close to home. For the town of Woodstock, this last point is where Scott Shaheen Personal Training is stepping up to help you stay fit.


During COVID, you can still improve your body, mind and immune system by keeping active – and we’re here to give you a boost and get our town moving!

How We're Helping: Private Studio Rentals

While you might not be able to work out with us directly, you’ll still be able to benefit from our studio space. You can rent out the Scott Shaheen studio for private workouts. We’re doing this to help clients across Woodstock keep up their consistency and stay on track to meet health and fitness goals. We thoroughly clean the premises between bookings so you’ll be safe.


Please DM us for further details – with another three weeks of lockdown ahead of us (possibly more), plan and secure your times. Online booking available, or contact SSPT directly to get scheduled.

How We're Helping: Workout Videos

Did the pandemic force you to invest in some at-home equipment? When all this started over a year ago, many people thought the time indoors would give them some time to train. It’s not as easy as one might think, but we’re providing tips and tricks to help out on our Facebook page.

Through these videos, you can watch Scott as he demonstrates his technique and shows you how to watch your movements so that your fitness routines maximize functionality and performance. Use them to find inspiration, understand proper technique (if you’re new to certain kinds of equipment), and make the most out of the fitness supplies kicking around your home!

If you ever need help establishing an effective workout for your body that will prevent imbalance and pain? Drop Scott a line for some private training – he’ll help you get to work!

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